WTW Closet Cleanout

I am in desperate need of a White Trash Wednesday. Back when I was younger, I was working at a camp about 30 miles from the nearest "town" (i.e., place with a gas station/general store). The camp management was terrible, and it was an incredibly stressful situation (we were on the job 22 hours a day). We got one night off a week, and my friends and I all tried to get the Wednesday shift. As a way to rebel against the crummy camp managers (and since we were in the middle of nowhere), I declared it White Trash Wednesday, and the tradition was born. We'd dress up like the Beverly Hillbillies (with fake tattoos) and drive the 45 minutes to the nearest actual town. Since the only thing around was Wal*Mart, we'd have shopping cart races, hang out in the automotive section talking with thick accents, then hit Dairy Queen on the way back. It was a great, silly way to relieve stress, and every now and then, I'd institute one in college for a brain break. Today, I definitely need it to be a WTW day.