A Boudoir for Agentorange!

1. Parasols and umbrellas in one of those huge chinoiserie urns, that can be had for cheap money in a Chinatown near you.
2. Keyrack for everyday jewelry and hair accesories or scarves.
3. I'd find some great etchings or old photographs. McCalls' magazine, Godey's Lady book or The Delineator for great stuff. Or some naughty nudie postcards, blown up and framed in "gothic" or baroque frames but paint them catchy colours like the floral rug. (Paul Aratow's "out of print" 100 Years of Erotica has some really risque but oh so sexy photographs of Victorian/Edwardian naughtiness...) or maybe just some unusual Victorian/Edwardian photo postcards would be really cool.
Oh and the antler racks are so cool. My parents have one that I am going to steal someday. It's an antique from my Great Grandparents' house and it so handy and great looking! Everyone should have one in their house!
I'd paint the walls a deep, true mustard with plum or aubergine built-ins. I'm thinking Gothic but not too dreary....Victorian hippie and by hippie I mean artsy-vintage. If there are any windows, I'd have to say look for some old Nouveau/Baroque swing arm curtain rods and do some great burnout velvet floor length drapes in a pale lilac.
I hope you enjoy this and I hope your new boudoir is fabulous!