Screen Sirens #1: Kristen Stewart

Okay, I have never seen Twilight... well, that's not true, I have tried. I saw the first 5 or 10 mins then I fell asleep and never saw the rest. I guess I just don't get the hype. Maybe it's too "clean" for me? Like somehow I want hot, raunchy, animal sex when it comes to vampires ;p

But anyway, I have seen Kristen Stewart in many indie flicks and I like her. I saw her in In The Land Of Women, Cake Eaters and Adventureland and she's really a good actress. I hope after Twilight she will still want to do indie projects, because she has all the makings to be an indie queen and I don't know, she seems to resent the fame. Like every time she walks the red carpet or goes to a Twilight event, she always looks overwhelmed and exhausted by the attention. But I guess if I have to listen to that high-pitch shriek every time I go out, I'd be exhausted too.

This is my interpretation of Kristen Stewart's style. I don't know what her character actually wore in Twilight but I kinda like her everyday style.

Thanks for a fun new challenge, kristinispie!