SS "The Wizard of Oz" Baby Shower for Guerilla Girl

To Guerrilla Girl - my first and dearest friend @SS (for those who are not familiar)
First, thanks to Binky - our ultimate bash-manager. Love the venue! Warm and cheerful atmosphere - exactly what we need for our "family" ;)
I have ordered some Greek appetizers so we could enjoy wines while guests are gathering.
I came as some witch from the Oz. Please don't be scared. I just don't have too many opportunities to wear a dress with over-the-knees. Also I know that momma don't mind me wearing darks and baby Guerrillas are not easily scared.
My gifts are: Moses Baby crib - the present that I actually like to give to all my friends. I chose neutral pistachio as we're still not certain (aren't we?). The book is for the mom.
Babies are the best thing we bring in this world and nothing can compare with this gift.
My wish to Guerrilla Girl: always find time & space to open new pages!