My SS Feelings #20: I'm Feeling Stylish

Hmm, this is a hard feeling to get into in a way. The thing is, everyone in Jakarta kinda dresses the same way. Indonesians don't like to stand out and be different, so of course when it comes to style, everyone basically has the same style and they just go along with whatever trend that happens to dominate at the moment. So if the trend is gladiator sandals, then you see EVERYONE wearing gladiator sandals. If it's metallic, then everyone will be wearing metallic. So for me to feel stylish, it really doesn't take much. I just have to dress differently than everyone else and all eyes will be on me - sometimes for the right reason ;p

But I guess if I really think about it, I'm feeling stylish when I'm comfortable with what I wear, so for this challenge I chose a sweater dress with knee high socks and a boyfriend blazer, oxford flats and my current obsession, berets. Yeah I can't wear this until it starts to rain everyday and the temperature drops a little, but some buildings have bone-chilling air-conditioners so trust me, I wish I were wearing this sometimes, but that would be impractical since I'd have to change before I exit to the humid and hot air again.

And I love that knee socks and berets are still not making a comeback here in Indonesia, so whenever I wear them, I feel different and therefore, stylish ;p

Thanks for another great challenge, Natural Born Styler!