The Women: Madonna

Madonna-born Madonna Louise Ciccone on August 16, 1958.
She has been with me my whole life, I can remember seeing her on TV in the early 80's! Everyone was dressing like her back then, lol. I'm sure alot of us have photographic evidence we like to bury!
Late 80's early 90's, some of my favorite songs of hers came out! Papa don't preach ( I had a BF that looked just like Alex McArthur..sigh) and Like a Prayer that caused a shit storm of controversy.
Then she pushed her sexuality even further mid 90's with her SEx book photographed by the fantastic Steven Meisel and a S&M stage.
Then came Ray of Light, which is actually my favorite album of hers.
She has such a huge and impressive body of work.
She not one of my favorite artists, but I respect her a great deal. She is a master of self promotion and always keeps her look and sound fresh! Thats why she remains so relevant today!
I won't be happy till I'm as famous as God!
Shes pretty damn famous, so would you say she succeeded?

Warning: Explicit sexuality
Justify My Love by Madonna