Challenging Adventures #35: Russia

What a great destination for our weekly adventures this week! I've always wanted to go to Russia, the country has always intrigued me - especially since Indonesia was so anti-communist back in the day and Russia is something I've always been curious about (as well as communism ;p).

When I was a kid, I had this book called "Laughing To Death The Russian Way" (I just translated loosely from Indonesian) which is a compilation of Russian jokes. Until today I try to find the English version but I can't, I'm hoping one of my Russian sisters here know what I'm talking about. The jokes are so hilarious - even after it's being translated to Indonesian (kudos to whoever translated the book, it's not easy to translate jokes and they managed to make jokes in Russian just as funny in Indonesian). I hope one day I really will get the chance to go to Russia and get a copy of the book in Russian, even though I won't be able to read it ;p

Here are my looks for Russia. I want to go to St. Petersburg first because the architecture in the city has always intrigued me and for the rest of our trip, I'll let The Beautiful Russian aka BellaDonna to guide us. I'm pretty sure she has some amazing places to show us!

Oh this is so much fun! Thanks for continuing to take us to fabulous, amazing destinations, Vrhino!