Songspiration #32: Caught In The Crowd by Kate Miller-Heidke

Congratulations AllieHarriet for winning last week's challenge! Your look for Free Your Mind was amazing and I'm glad you got the honors to set this week's challenge. And what a great song you picked. I haven't heard of this song or the artist yet, but I instantly liked it when I checked out the Youtube video and I love that there are more Aussie singers making a mark in the world!

This song is not only catchy and great to listen to, it also has a very good message - especially for teenagers and those who are still in school. I was not a popular kid in high school, I was kinda somewhere between a freak and geek but since I hung out with the guys with the "reputation" (high school pot dealers, etc), none of the popular kids dared to bully me. But I know there are those misfits who never really fit in and were always getting a hard time and I didn't do anything about it, even though I felt sorry for them at the time. It was hard to go against the crowd back then, so the message of the song was something I could relate to, and I hope the teenagers who listen to this song will get it and start being kind to each other instead of bullying those who don't fit in just to be popular. We all know that by the time we're in our twenties and thirties, being "popular" in high school just doesn't mean a thing.

This is my schoolgirl-inspired look for the song. I hope this fabulous schoolgirl will do the right thing as implied by the song. ;p Thanks for another great challenge, HarperLeo!