Shopstyle's Third Birthday Soiree!

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best and most addictive website in the whole wide web! Seriously, you guys saved my life! I was going through some pretty crazy stuff when I accidentally stumbled upon this site through Facebook and my life has never been the same. I met so many amazing, wonderful women here that inspired me and I've become even more creative through creating looks and doing the challenges that I know I owe a lot to this site. And I'm happy to be celebrating this birthday with everyone here!

I've decided to come as my "worldly, witty and wise" self (yeah, right ;p) and wear the items I could only find in SS as of now. I brought champagne for the amazing team in Shopstyle who have worked tirelessly to make coming here so much fun every day. We've been through a lot in this site, people have come and gone, and there has been unpleasant incidents with some -ahem- "crazy" users, but the Team has always done their best to make sure that we always enjoy our time here. Seriously, I've joined other style websites but none of them is as much fun as this one!

Three things I love most about this site are represented in my look:
1. The friendships I've built with so many men and women all over the globe.
2. I can experiment with clothes and items I could never wear in real life.
3. And of course, shopping in many different shops at once without leaving the house. And as soon as the freakin' postal service in Indonesia gives better service and stops losing our mail all the time, I'll definitely use this site to do all my shopping ;p

All in all, I love being here and I know we all feel the same way. So thank you Mike & Team for making this site as amazing as it is. We love Shopstyle to bits! Happy Birthday once again, now let's pop the champagne and have some fun!

Thanks for throwing this awesome party and inviting all of us! xoxo