Love, Like or Loathe #15: Grunge

Congratulations Jen1987 for winning last week's challenge! You are on a roll, winning The Front Row and LLL, I am so loving your fabulous looks! And this week's challenge is so much fun for me, since I was a teenager during the grunge movement and I fully embraced the trend back then. How could I not? It's so comfy ;p

Anyway, for these three ladies - here's my deliberation:

LOVE: Rachel Bilson: This woman can do no wrong in my book. Her outfit is totally casual and cool, everything was perfect from the simple white tee and boyfriend jeans to her hair! Damn it woman, if you look this good on your down time, how will we ever measure up? ;p

LIKE: Ashley Tishdale. I thought she looked appropriately casual and comfortable. It's grungy and a little messy but not too much. The only problem I had with it is that she has such a teeny bopper image that it's hard for me to imagine her in a grunge mode.

LOATHE: Ashley Olsen. Wait is this Ashley or Mary-Kate? I can never tell them apart. Anyway, one of those Olsen twins ;p I appreciate her effort to be as grungy as possible, and it does suit her but the whole plaid top being tied on her waist over her mini skirt thing just bugs me. It didn't look good back in the 90s when we all did it, it sure as hell doesn't look good now. And the bag hanging in front of her stomach like that, ugh. It looks like she's hiding a baby bump. Not to mention her hair is in need of some deep conditioning. I know she's channeling her inner Kurt Cobain but there is a line somewhere.

Here's my look for that Olsen girl (I gave up trying to tell them apart). It's grungy (plaids & docs), casual but still chic and appropriate for 2009.

Thanks for another great challenge, Jen1987!