Occupation Inspired #6: Firefighter

Firefighters are underpaid and under-appreciated in my country, despite the risky nature of their job (which is probably why most firefighters here won't run into a burning building, instead they just hose the building down with water from a safe distance) so it's not a very "cool' profession in Indonesia. But I know it's a whole different thing everywhere else in the world! You girls even have the Hot Firemen Calendar! ;p

I have also seen a few firefighter movies, Backdraft being the most popular one - so this week's challenge is a combination of a lot of firefighters-themed movies that I've seen over the years with a touch of fun. I wouldn't make a good firefighter, I often burn myself by accident when I'm making coffee, I doubt I'd be a good firefighter.. forget about saving a baby from a burning building, I might drop it! ;p

Thanks for another fun challenge, Prima 11 and come back soon, we miss you!