The Men #1: Henry Cavill

Okay, Sugerpie19, I am happy you're back, but I am HAPPIER that you came up with this group! What a fantastic idea, hello, we all love ogling gorgeous men here - especially men like the drool-worthy Henry Cavill here. I have to admit, The Tudors, like Prison Break and Generation Kill, is my porn. I mean, Jonathan Rhys-Myers alone is already a great reason to watch, but JRM surrounded by men like this hottie? If you're not watching Tudors, you're missing out! ;p

So this group is a fantastic idea! Besides, it's about time we objectify men right? They've had a few thousand years to do that to us ;p

Okay, this man should be called King Henry because he is FINE! Using the trademark Sugerpie19's rating system, I would say he's a 8/10 - anytime, anywhere, absolutely ANYTHING, baby! I'm a sucker for dark-haired boy with that kind of abs and dreamy eyes!

And when I say "absolutely anything", I mean it: I'm ready with my slip dress underneath that trench coat and I brought handcuffs... Let's face it, I want that man to be chained up on my bed lol.

Ha, this group is so much fun! Thanks Sugerpie19 for a fun new challenge and WELCOME BACK, BABY!