ANNOUNCEMENT: Help Wanted! (Well, Needed, really ;p)

Hello my loves! As my internet continues to be problematic, I will not be in SS so much and can't come to all your books and comment like I used to. I hope you understand my sudden disappearance and reappearance. I'm trying to find a new provider and work out the situation (because this is taking a toll on my work as well), but in the meantime, I am MISSING YOU and SS SO MUCH and I am sorry for being behind on everything!

I also need a HUGE favor from any of you who feel like you're up to it. I know this isn't easy, but I haven't been doing my SS Weekly updates for over a month now due to my internet situation, but I would really like it to continue since it's a great way to update everyone on the goings on of this (very) busy community. The format of SS Weekly is giving weekly updates of PARTIES, CHALLENGES, NEW GROUPS (PRIORITY WILL BE GIVEN TO GROUPS WITH CHALLENGES), BIRTHDAYS, and any important announcement like any changes to the site, etc. I won't be able to continue SS Weekly while I'm still dealing with this issue, so if any of you feel like you can take over for me until I manage to get my situation resolved, I will be so grateful. You can choose which day you want to update to make it easier for your schedule and you can create whatever look you want to go with the updates and you don't really need to follow my 'newsroom' format. If anyone can help a sister out, I will be forever indebted to you ;p

Also, if any of you want to take over Freaky Friday from me (since I'll no longer be able to post challenges for the time being), please let me know!

Thanks for your understanding and if you're interested in helping out, let me know below or in SS Parties group. Thanks a million, lovelies! xoxo