My Look

curent carlin looks alot like previous foster (from room and board) and seems to have a style most compatible w/ anthropologie type aesthetic. the other (hawthorn?) is much more modern looking from the front... Sleeper sofa for back family room to serve as reading spot, as well as guest bed. The top row is 73-70" size, with the front two being my faves and left-most most fave. I think this will be the couch I get. The second row is around 60", and would leave some space on the sides. The bottom row is 55-56", also leaving space. I think I like the bigger ones better because they'll sleep two people, and fill up the space well. Have already ordered fabric samples from a few each company of interest (except pottery barn, which doesn't have the option online). Remember that the bottom 2 rows are only twin sleepers. The top row is full-size sleepers.

Re-check measurement on space because store has 'frederick' sleeper, which I like the looks of better with the rolled arms, etc. (looks similar to the 'foster' in the middle of this image) So, if it'll fit, that's what I'll be saving for.