Love, Like or Loathe #20: Golden Globes Red Carpet Style

I feel like I've been gone from SS forever... I miss you all so much! I can't promise I'll be here everyday and it'll take me a long time to get to all of your books, but slowly I'll try to get to each one of you. Hope you're all patient with me ;p

Okay, so for this challenge, some of you who tuned in to my and UncleThomas' live tweet at the Golden Globes might already know the answer, but here's my deliberation anyway:

LOVE: Marion Cotillard. The picture truly doesn't do the dress justice here, but if you saw her on the red carpet, you'd understand why I chose her as my favorite. She looked absolutely stunning and the dress was perfect for her. Hair, make up, accessories were also just right - this truly makes up for her fish-scale dress disaster at the 2008 Oscars.

LIKE: Kate Hudson. I loved her structured Marchesa dress, it was so beautiful and I love that she chose white on a rainy day, she truly rocked it. The only thing I had a problem with is the shoes, I thought they were a little too bulky for such a dress. If she had worn a beautiful pair of strappy shoes, I'd pick her as my favorite.

LOATHE: Jennifer Aniston. There's nothing wrong with her dress, really, it's beautiful and the slit was so sexy but how many times have we seen Jen Aniston wearing black on the red carpet? Too many! Remember back in the day, when she was still married to Brad Pitt and she took more risks on the carpet and always looked amazing? I miss those days. Now she's just boring, or as Heidi would say, "a snoozefest".

This is my look for Jennifer Aniston. It's still on the safe side, but it's a departure from her usual style. I hope she'll wear something a bit more daring on the Oscars, if she attends that is.

Thanks for another great challenge, Jouel!