My favorite winter season tv show is back!!! I've been an avid fan of the show since day one - then as a full time law student I loved that the show was different from all the other court-room dramas till then. Now when I'm almost a certified attorney myself I can appreciate the show even more. Of course in real life no law firm sees as much drama as Patty Hewes's does and clients and witnesses don't usually drop dead all around you - but it does show how most of the legal drama takes place outside the court-room, which is how most legal disputes are handled today. Less than 5% of cases reach final ruling, and Damages fits right into that.
I love that the bigman in the show is actually a bigwoman and that she's the one calling the shots and I also LOVE that they cast Glenn Close!! love her!! she's perfect for it.
As to the way they style Patty - she's usually dressed formally, but also with a touch of femininity. No powersuits for Patty, her power comes from within.... Usually there's some solid color on her, never any prints but traditional patterns. That's what I tried to stick to in my look.

Can't wait for next week's episode!! if you're also a Damages fan let me know :)