SunKiss's One Year Anniversary: Trademarks Party

What a great party, don't we all love being a little self absorbed sometimes... ;)
My trademarks are as follows:
I have two necklaces I never take off and they're somewhat similar to the ones I found here, a simple gold chain with a diamond drop and another chain with a tigereye circle pendant with a diamond in the middle. I never ever take these off since I'm about 15.
Second trademark is black - my favorite color. Another trademark is black pantyhose - LOVE them. I would wear them all year round if I could.
Another thing I never leave the house without is Mascara and some kind of lipstick or gloss.
As to shoes - I'm obsessed with shoes in general, but I adore shoes with bows in particular! I don't know why but I simply find the bows so cute and charming. I also love buckles and straps on shoes - one of those usually takes a simple shoe to a whole new level of pretty.
Out of my collection of bags I have to say that my trusted old Fendi canvas is my favorite and I use it the most. My personal purse is not exactly the design here but a rounder type. It looks chic with everything, it's great for casual days, the canvas allows me to stuff endless amounts of junk inside and the quality is superb so there's no wear and tear.
My signature scent is Chanel Chance.
And of course - I never leave the house without a huge pair of sunglasses on :)

Congratulations SunKiss!!