SS April Birthday Party: Day 1, "Heroes" Luncheon

Hello everyone! It's April and it's time for us to celebrate our April birthday girls here and as an April baby myself, I get to host this month's festivities. And as always, I went a little overboard with it. ;p For a complete invitation, please go to SS Parties so you know what I've planned for all of us!

Our celebration begins with a "Heroes" Luncheon in The Boathouse, Central Park, New York City. In this luncheon, I ask you to share with us the person who inspire and influence you the most. It can be someone close to you, like a parent, teacher, sibling, etc or a public figure, and it can be male or female. For me, that person is Tina Fey, actress/writer/comedian and creator of my fave TV show 30 Rock. She inspires me because she proves that you don't need to be tall, gorgeous, have famous parents, young, star in a mindless reality show and compromise who you are to be successful. Also, she made her success by poking fun at herself and her life, which shows that if you don't take yourself too seriously, people may start taking you seriously.

So this is my look inspired by Tina Fey for our "Heroes" luncheon. I brought cake and champagne for everyone and flowers for all the birthday girls. Your "diamond" goodie bag will be delivered straight to your stylebooks.

Happy Birthday all April Birthdays! And our celebration will not end here, we soon shall be boarding a private jet to party it up all night long in the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in Palms Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. So get your party dress ready! ;p