The TP Travelling Pants

First and foremost thank you to my fashionista sister allie harriet for passing the pants to me. Well I'm 19 turning 20 next friday, I go to college am an English major and plan to go to law school right after. I live in NYC and have my whole life. I'm actually a guy but have always loved styling things for women, since my mom was a part time seamstress and let me play with the patterns and left over cloth. I would definitely say if i didn't want to be a lawyer i would be a fashion editor or creative director somewhere. My style is very preppy and tailored so lots of chinos and v necks lol, but I will say i love a great pair of dark blue jeans and a tee shirt. I adore Yves St. Laurent L'Homme perfume, the color blue, and traveling. I discovered shop style one day while browsing the net and it's all of the great members who have subsequently become my friends that inspired me to join this fashion family. So I suppose these looks would be what I envision all of the powerful women in my head would wear. To me women have always been beautiful no matter their flaws especially when they chose to animate their appearance in great clothes. I love this site every friend, follower, or anyone who has commented on my looks really is amazing to me and I love your looks, and this helps me escape from life for a bit and be fabulous with the rest of you. So thank you once again allie heart and to all of you on here never forget your truly a fashionista when your outfit represents you and not the you everyone wants you to be.