Google Image 5/22/10 - Pac-Man 30th Anniversary

Happy Birthday Pac-Man! This probably totally dates me, but as a kid Pac-Man was my favorite game. A quick Googling of Pac-Man returned the website that lists the following interesting facts about this classic arcade game:

(1) In the original game, the ghosts would give the slightest hint of which direction they were going to turn by moving their eyes that way

(2) The original arcade game had a bug that resulted in anyone making it past the 255th level hitting what came to be called the "kill screen," where the machine essentially crashed

(3) Pac-Man cuts corners by a couple of pixels while the ghosts had to turn them at full right angle

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*Disclosure: I do not work for Google, I am not actively promoting Google (although, in my humble opinion, they have one of the better search engines), and I do not directly own any shares of Google stock. I merely like the changing images that reflect each occasion. It's like a pleasant daily surprise that keeps you coming back for more. Also, I understand Google sometimes use different images for different countries. Since I'm located in the US, unless specified otherwise, the images are for the US Google homepage.