The Dressing Room #102: Scandinavian Style

This room is definitely my kind of room. The big window, the white furniture, the wood floor, the sleekness of it all - ah, a girl can dream! I would love to move into this house (is it house or apartment? I can't tell) and I probably won't ever want to leave ;p

Even though none of us is sure whether this room is actually Scandinavian, it sure feels like it. It has kind of an IKEA feel to it - and that chair is just like my dining room chair except that mine is in red, and I am an IKEA freak. As much as I love vintage furniture, nothing beats the practicality of IKEA. I love knock-down everything!

My look for this challenge tries to incorporate the feel, the colors and the textures of the room. I have this dress in my favorites and it really fits the room perfectly so I have to use it here, and everything just falls into place.

I have to say though, I think the challenges in this group helped me a lot when I was furniture shopping, so at the end of the day, SS is not just fun and games. ;p It really makes you smarter! And I'm not just saying it because I'm a certified SS addict!

Thanks for another great challenge, Ashley303 - and of course, thanks for making me smarter! ;p