Warning! Dangerous Curves!

Warning dangerous curves ahead
Curvy girls are in vogue- with celebs like Kim Kardashian, and Serena Williams making us curvy girls feel better about our assets; it became inevitable that getting an “ass like Serena” would be the task of many women who didn’t naturally get it from their mamas. I mean seriously, even my daddy watches tennis in order to get a glimpse of Serena with her muscular-curvy fabulousness.
I knew there was truly something amiss when I discovered that one of my friends has a cousin who spent 10,000 to get a new ass… she’s 22 and she’s BLACK. Needless to say when I met the recipient of said new ass, I spent the entire evening looking at it… it’s just one of those things like a unicorn- when you see it, you simply cannot look away. Apparently girlfriend is not alone in her willingness to drop some large bills to enhance her curves. In fact, Essence magazine featured an article on the use of hydrogel (A colloidal gel in which the particles are dispersed in water) in order to plump up hind-parts.
I’m a fan of doing things the natural way- squats, leg lifts, EXERCISE period to make my booty pop. However if you’re in need of a lift, here are some products to tease and pop!