This is yet the best day of my life

Remember I said I will start in september working with REMAX? Well, the problem that bodered me until today its that it was far away , one hour with the metro and I didnt knew that zone, and since I dont have a car yet I was kind of afraid.
I was so exited bye REMAX in general that I started sending CVs to 6 or 7 agencies in more aprochable zones , including one that I found out to be 5 minutes from my home.
And guess what?
They called me today and I have an intervew at 15h this afternoon, and based on my other intervew I am definetly in .

I was crying for so much happiness.
I am in a strange fase in my life right now being depressed and hating my life, so this is the best day of my life so far.
I picked out my brother´s photo, the one I displayed here, and cryed because I know that he is watching me and his hand was all over this .
(for the ones who dont know he died 14 years ago with head tumor and its the person I love most in my life),
I do think now that if you dot give up , eventually every bad thing its folowed bye some extrraordinary good one.

ps:About the look , so far this are one of my favourite items from all my closet and I am so tempted to buy them all with my first REMAX salary(exept those jeans :=P)