Thank you so much, Tanya, for choosing this fragrance! This is a classic for my angsty generation. How badly I wanted to be those models in the CK One ad! My dream since seeing them with their androgynous, mainstream grunge coolness was to move to the city and "be who I am" pursuing my dreams. I couldn't make it or be happy until I got out of the little hell hole I grew up in.
CK One is a mainstream, popular fragrance, one of my favorites since it defined "style" to me at such a vulnerable, young age. Very much like I dress now, LOL.
It really is a likable scent a clean, unisex blend of bergamot and musk, the 1st "urban" fragrance that I ever met. The first anti-perfume. You know I don't own a bottle these days and I really should. I may not be the hipless chic gals in the ads, but I sure can smell like a 90's hipster as adult me.