Binky's 4000th Look Party: A Shopstyle Love Story

Dear Binky,

4000 looks...WOW...if I were to live 4000 years I still would not reach such a milestone! You are amazing in so many ways, from supporting what seems like each and every person on SS to managing groups to creating some of the most fun looks around here. Congratulations to you and may we see much more of your creative genius!!!

To commemorate your 4000th look I am having a martini mingle party for you and all of our friends!

I came across SS by complete accident. is where I saw a look by Paisley and it caught my eye (as everyone here knows her looks are always to die for) so off I went looking for her SB and was so blown away I had to join immediately! Here is a link to Paisley's page with that look, it is titled Paris...

As Binky have requested, here is a link to my first look Wild On!
The Michael Kors watch (which I own) and the Frank Gehry (whose work I absolutely adore) Torque pieces are from my first look.

The first comment, and it was on my first look, I ever got was from Omarion and it made me smile, she said "Would wear this right now! ( If it wasn't in the middle of the night, lol)" Of course Binky wasn't far behind!!!

The person whom I added as a first friend is someone I am proud to call a friend in real life! She knows who she is!

I love this site because of my love for everything that is fashion, beauty and art...but most of all because of all the great and talented people who have this amazing connection with each other and who are also so supportive of everyone's ups and downs.

Love you all,
Prima Dona