My makeup

This is just some of what I wear on a daily basis. I have about 8 kinds of eyeshadow, and 1 eyeshadow set from urban Decay that wasn't listed on here. My eyeshadow dou shown here is actually a light and dark dray. I LOVE the Benefit Erase Paste- best stuff ever. All day concealment. My mascara gives volume without making my lashes hard, and my kiss stick gives my lips a rosy, natural looking color. I love my bronzer, and I also use a Clinique Loose Blush on my face not listed. My foundation doesn't break me out, and I only out it on my cheeks. This eyeliner has to be the best quality, but it is hard to sharpen and you must sharpen it almost every other day since the tip gets so dull easily. I have a pale face with lightly visible freckles. My face is long, and I have long blonde hair with side bangs.