SS April Birthdays: Seven Deadly Sins

Thanks for throwing this year's April Birthday Party, Irera! What an exciting (and unusual) idea for a party! And what a cool venue in which to celebrate!

So anyway... if I had to choose which deadly sin I embodied the most, it would definitely be sloth. I am way too lazy for my own good. I procrastinate and put off stuff way too much (and I sleep in a lot too). So far, I've been (kinda) able to get away with it, mostly due to being a college student. But now that I'm about to enter "the real world", I feel like I've gotta step up my game a little.

Now, as for my look... I decided to go for a "lingerie as outerwear" look, to give the impression of laziness but still look cute ;) Since sloth is usually associated with light blue (thank you, Wikipedia!), I added some light blue accents in the form of jewelry. I also added some champagne for the birthday girls, as well as this cute little snail. Who says sloth can't be stylish? ;)

Hope you like it! :)

And happy birthday to all the April birthday girls!