First and Last: Week #40 -- First Earrings/Last Wallpaper

First Earrings: I nicked these from *Fashion*Nerd*'s stylebook a couple of days ago.

Last Wallpaper: This is actually my first and last proper wallpaper (I usually don't steal or select wallpaper for myself). I'm not entirely sure, but I think I might have stolen this from thissideofgaudy's closet. Since I never really use wallpaper in my looks, I never though I'd have a use for it -- until now!

I think these items went oddly well together this time. They both have this antique, romantic feel, so putting a look together for both of them was rather easy. I decided to create something soft, feminine and vintage-inspired, with a slight gothic touch. This would be perfect for a springtime tea party -- and it's also great for Easter!

Hope you like it! :) Happy Easter, everybody!