The Donkey: Binky's Slumber Party For Wellput

Hello ladies! Hello my loves!

Binky my dear, thank you for the invite and the notes you left!!!! How can I miss the party for wellunput!??? Absolutely no way!!!! I’m a donkey of values! Partying and ladies are on the top of the list my values!!! I‘m in and done! Oh!!! I got you flowers ladies! You know me. I’m a gentleman! I also brought you a gift, binky! Some cleaning stuff to clean the mess we will make! I have a gift for wellunput, too. I got her cans for her kids. Hope they like them! I’m going to talk to PM now! I have to tell PM that a saw a guerilla running around! There will be a fight for a territory!!!!

Anyway, we will solve the guerilla issue latter. PARTY TIME NOW!!!! Let’s rock the house!!!! Ruin I mean! Cheers to all !!!