Ballerina Lovers #15: Valentino Patent Rock Studs Ballerina Flats & Make It Work #131: Oscar de la Renta Silver-Plated Enamel and Crystal Cuff & The Dressing Room #154: Bright Ceiling

Congratulations Hanounaq on winning the Olivia Morris challenge and MyLadyBloom on winning the Preen challenge! And welcome back, Ashley303, we've missed you! Sorry for the triple combo, but you know I can't help myself. :)

The room I chose for this week's dressing room challenge is this bedroom with the gray ceiling. I find the color so soothing and perfect for a bedroom, and for some reason both the flats from this week's Ballerina Lovers and the cuff from this week's Make It Work just work so well here so you know I can't pass up the chance. Haven't done a triple combo in a while!

Hope you like what I've come up with and thanks for another great challenges, Hanounaq, MyLadyBloom and Ashley303!