where does my style come from ?

this was really a challenge for me and finally i cam e up with a statement to summerize where my style comes from. my styke comes from the things that surround me , wheather its how i feel that morning , the weather , things i see in magazines or tv shoes i still like to stay original things my way and a different way so i gave you 6 examples of my style and how i like to wear " in " peices with a new twist

from left to right

top row

#1 lots of in peices all in blue with cool texture or pattern

#2 a evning dress with a metallic mini coat flats and bangles for an everyday look
#3 fun peices that kinda clash in a nerdy fashionista kinda way

bttom row

#4 i have to always balance out the volume in outfits so you have straight leg jeans and then a full top and scarf

#5 pairing lots of intracate peices makes and outfit artwork

#6 pairing the fitted blzer and fun sunglassess make it more than a pink outfit

in the pic it was nine at night after shopping all day i was wearing a c and c purple drawstring v neck jersey dress , white lace abercrmbie cami , banana republic straight leg jeans , silver steve madden tipie flats , and silver fendi tote