Beauty And The City Beach

Theme/Concept: Beach to the bar. ( day to night )
Location: Bondi Beach, Australia
Pre-planning would include the change of seasons for Australia, the different lifestyle and the target customer the shoot is aimed at which in this scenario is a city professional living in Sydney.
The story of a young professional working in the city enjoying her day off on beach but wanting to remain chic for cocktails at the beach bar at sunset with her friends.
Garments: One piece swimsuit with added support. Wide brim hat to protect from Australia's harmful rays along with black sunglasses. For the evening a cowl neck top with tailored city shorts. A metallic bag and gladiator sandals add a stylish and trend based feel to the look. Jewellery is kept minimal with stacked bangles.
Make-up: Natural and bronzed with added shimmer.
Hair: Texturized and wavy using Bumble+Bumble Surf Spray.
Added Accessories; Cocktails of your choice!