My Style Icon #14: Stevie Nicks

Thank you so much Tis4Tweety for choosing my Style Icon - Janet Jackson look! You caught me completely by surprise, as this is my first in in this group!

My Style Icon is Stevie Nicks. For almost as long as I can remember I've adored not only her fabulous music, but her sultry bohemian gypsy style! Once as a young thing, back in the 80's I came across a dress in a pricey boutique that practically screamed, "Stevie Nicks," with its style. I had to have it, nevermind that it cost me a month's pay! But I loved that dress and whenver I wore it felt magically transformed....

I hope there are a few more Stevie Nicks fans out here in SS Land, and that you'll join me for:

My Style Icon #14: Stevie Nicks

I'd also love it if you could join the fun for a couple of other challenges this week!

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