The Historians #9: The 1950's

Congrats again Sheilla on your Wild West win :)

After World War II, there was a huge push to get women back into the home and the kitchen, to do the traditionally womanly duties of raising children and looking after the house.

Unlike the boxy silhouettes of rationed 1940s uniforms, 1950s fashions emphasized fragile femininity, in the form of soft shoulders, stiletto heels, wrist-length gloves and full, billowing skirts. Even working women's outfits hinted at fragility, with pencil-slim skirts and little hats with veil and feathers.

These busty hour-glass working outfits are all thanks to Christian Dior's seminal collection called Corolle. Dior would go on to invent more haute couture 1950s fashions, with names like the Princess Line, the Profile Line, the A Line, and the H Line. His influence remained high throughout the 1950s. Other fashion houses were forced to follow his innovations. On a side note....this ideal female figure was not possible in nature. Corsets made a comeback at the same time.

As for 1950's teenagers...they were the first 'youth culture' to emerge. This is the first time teens stopped imitating their elders and inventing their own style of music, dress and form of expression.