DIY Romance Novel: The Unexpected Opponent

"You may have the deed to the manor, Mr. Owen, but this is not your home!"

Rick Owen was used to getting his own way and now he had acquired a manor and estate to add to his possesions. But instead of being greeted as the lord and master he is met with a formidable opponent in the form of Serena Raven, the daughter of the former owner of the manor who has run the place since she was a teenager and has lost the estate and manor because of her father's gambling debts but retains a small cottage on the estate.
Not in the habit of being opposed, Rick persuades Serena to plan the annual manor ball in an attempt to humiliate her in front of his friends and neighbours.
However Rick is suprised by the feeling of being at home at the manor and even more suprised when his feelings become aything but hostile towards the manor's former owner....