21 / Bringing Down the House

I just saw I have my 21st follower here on Shopstyle, and thought I would commemorate the occasion by putting together a look inspired by the movie "21".

The movie is loosely based on the New York Times bestseller "Bringing Down the House." It is about the MIT blackjack team and how they took Vegas for millions. The ironic thing about the movie is that it was shot at the MGM, which is one of the casinos that lost the most to these MIT students.

The main character, Ben Campbell, is based upon one of the original blackjack team member Jeff Ma, who has a cameo in the film as a card dealer. This meeting between fiction and reality is further reiterated by Ben's comments, "Jeffrey, my brother by another mother," a comment which draws upon both character's backgrounds (whether real life or theatrical) in playing the casinos.

So here, we have the a bunch of collegiate style clothes (all affordable, of course) mixed with high-end expensive designer Vegas style outfits. And though these students were mathematicians and card counting geniuses who believed more in their statistical analysis than in lady luck, there is no harm in including a few charms in their wardrobes to help them out at the tables.