Express Yourself- Beauty Secrets

I guess my biggest secret is to remain confident at all times. Even on those days when I feel fat, ugly and very tired, I try to fool everyone into thinking that I feel like a million dollars. I flash a huge smile! That is not always easy either. Being in beauty pageants I learned a lot of weird secrets...... Like using Preparation H for puffy eyes, just dab it under your eyes and it takes away the puff. You can also use it on your legs to take away the cottage cheese thigh look. Sounds icky doesn't it!! If you don't have shaving cream to shave your legs, use hair conditioner. You can use baking soda or fine sugar for a exfoliator, just mix it with your body cleanser. If you get frizzy hair and don't have any hair defrizzer use body lotion.....use it only on dry hair. The biggest and best beauty secret there is, is the fake tan...or the bronzer. It is the safest and best way to have that healthy glow. I also bleach my teeth once every 2 years. But no one knows that....right??? Shhhhhh ;)