Express yourself: My beauty secrets

Unfortunately, I don't sleep when I should and I don't drink plenty of water.. But I really think beauty is in what you eat, and I have a strict diet. Not because of my exterior but because of my health. I eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, and love berries. Berries are very good for your skin:) I also think fresh air is important for how we feel and look, this pic is me cleaning my hair in a sea in the mountains in very cold water:) My hair has never been more beautiful than when I clean it in mountain- water. That water is so clean you can drink it, and there's just about no people up there. Nature is the best beauty-trick!

But I do need some help from products off course, and I try to go for the cleaner ones, I don't like all the chemical stuff they put in creams, why would anyone put it on their skin and get it in their blood? I like to think that if I would be scared to put it in my mouth, I wont put it on my skin;) I like Origins, Dermalogica and ecologic products. And it must not be tested on animals!
I've never had a facial, but really want to... But I do use a LOT of money on my hair, you would be shocked if you knew how much I leave at the hairdresser. I just choose to make my hair a priority, and only use the best products and never flat irons! My best haircare secret is the Paul Mitchell super skinny serum! If you want shiny hair, try it!:))
Other than that, make sure to smell fresh, and you feel well;)

And one more thing: Don't look too much in the mirror, and don't look for something not to like, look for something you like in your self. And off course: SMILE!