Wardrobe Department #4: Sookie Stackhouse

Congratulations Agent2278 on winning the Jess Day challenge! Your look was perfect and I knew you were going to win, after all even your avatar is Zooey Deschanel, you definitely know her style inside out. ;) Happy for you and thanks again for coming up with this group, I love it so much.

This week's challenge is also so much fun to do. I watch True Blood (though I was a bit disappointed by the last two seasons) and I have always wanted to style a look for Sookie, simply because sometimes she looks super cute and sometimes I just wanna yell at her "Sookeeeh what are you wearing??" :D But she's young and she's got all this vampire/supernatural business to deal with so I can't blame her. One of my favorite looks of her is that one time she wore a red gingham dress in season 2 when Godric died, so this is something inspired by that.

Hope you like what I've come up with and thanks Agent2278 for another great challenge!