The Winonas Relaunch #67: The Girl Not So Next Door & The Women #98: Kate Bosworth

Congratulations Delish KK on winning The Great Heist challenge and Anncaye on winning the Vanessa Paradis challenge! Both of you are really talented and I'm happy for your wins, keep on creating pure awesomeness in this site. Apologies for this last combo of the day, but this is the only way I can be all caught up for the week. I hope you understand. :)

I decided to combine these two challenges together because Kate Bosworth definitely has a girl-next-door quality but she has also been taking some risks in fashion that kind of puts her in the not-so-girl-next-door category. I love it when she does edgy or boho or a little rock'n'roll, she may look like the girl next door but she's totally versatile and cool. This is my not-so-girl-next-door look for Kate Bosworth. With her skinny frame, she can totally rock a bare midriff, don't you think?

Hope you like what I've come up with and thanks for another great challenges, Delish KK and Anncaye! I'm signing off for the weekend, see you here Monday and have a fab weekend everyone! xoxo