The Winonas Relaunch #69: Sport Now!! and LL_Lace Lovers #49: Marble Multi Coloured Tee

Hope I'm not *too* late for this one! Now I'm not big on sports or -- unfortunately -- exercise (I'm lucky if I remember to take a walk), but when I *do* exercise, I like to dance. Usually it's something really fun, like Bollywood or Zumba type dance. So I decided to create this look with that in mind! Also, I just had to incorporate this tee into my look -- sure it's a bit fancy, but I thought it would be the perfect workout tee! (And yes, it still counts since I stole it minutes before I found out it was a Lace Lovers item. ;P ) This look is laid-back, girly and -- yes -- sporty. It's also a little hippie-ish, but that's okay, since I'm a hippie kinda gal. ;) Perfect for a fun, exhilarating dance workout!

Hope you like it! :)