First and Last: Week #82 -- First Jacket/Last Eyeshadow

First Jacket: I stole this from Step It Up A Notch's stylebook a couple of days ago.

Last Eyeshadow: I'm pretty sure I stole this from Binky, I just don't know which look. I always wanted to incorporate this into one of my looks, but was never able to -- until now!

Since these two items are so very different, making them work together was a bit of a challenge at first. But once I found the perfect dress (and accessories), everything started to go more smoothly. I ended up with this feminine, flirty look in pinks and corals. It's sweet and girly enough for the eyeshadow, but also tailored -- and colorful -- enough for the jacket. This would be perfect for a summer soiree!

Hope you like it! :)