Winonas Relaunch #71: 7 Deadly Sins

Congrats again Agent!!! This weeks challenge was sooo dang fun! I took my 7 deadly sins quiz ages ago and of course I ended up with Gluttony. I LOOOOVE eating. I love all kinds of cuisine. My favorites are Mexican, Italian, American and Chinese/Japanese. I also cook everynight mostly. So I find out how to make all of the same recipes that I love so much for fast food and restaurants lol its cheaper that way. I LOOVE CHEESE so most of my meals have cheese all over it. I also love baking. I make cookies every year for christmas and give them out as presents. Lets see what else I also love sweets so I think I covered everything lol. After all of that, this is why I try to run everyday. Gotta burn off all those calories ;)

Thank you ladies!!!

Binky x2