Garde-Robe: Zodiac Style & SS Agent2278's 301st Look Costume Party

Congratulations Agent2278 on winning the Alexander McQueen challenge and on your 301st look! What a milestone to celebrate, and I hope we'd get to celebrate many more of your milestones here. Apologies for combining your challenge and party together but I won't be here tomorrow and I'm still behind so I still have to do this. ;)

I don't pay too much attention on astrology in general, so when I first saw this week's Garde-Robe challenge I thought it was about the serial killer Zodiac and I was like "Oh cool!" and then I opened the link and was like "Ooh, that Zodiac!" ;D Woopsies! But anyway, apparently I'm an Aries, and since I share my birthday with the very fabulous Marc Jacobs I decided to use him as inspiration for this combo and come as a Marc Jacobs muse. I brought presents too: the Marc Jacobs bracelet and fragrance are for you, Agent2278, enjoy!

Hope you like what I've come up with and thanks for another great challenge and for throwing such a fun party, Agent2278!