This month of birthdays is extra special to me. My sister would have turned 32 on July 18th. The truth is as time goes by, I realize how special she was and how much of a better person she made me. I've been dreading this month, because of her birthday, but I've decided to embrace it and celebrate.

Now a little something about me, oh Binky you little devil!

Okay, in the summer, I'm terrible! I go to sleep really late and wake up really late (plus, I let my kids do it to...), also I find that I don't tend to shower or even change my clothes that much because I'm constantly putting on sunscreen and my bathing suit. Seriously, it is Wednesday and the last shower I took was Sunday! It has gotten worst now that I'm in California and I'm outside everyday! I don't work in the summer so I'm always losing track of what day it is too...I love being clean and well kept, and dressing to impress, but the truth is in the summer I love being like this. I wouldn't change it for the world! It's like I'm a kid again!

Plus, since today is the fourth, I can tell everyone that I'm a crazy political junkie. My bachelor's degree is in US History, so I'm obsessed with all things political and historical. My TV is on cable news 24/7, thank goodness my husband is too! He was born into it, his grandfather was a US Congressman!

I live in tunics and sandals, hence the look...

I'm dedicating this look to my sister, she would have loved our house here in California. All other birthday babies get this awesome summer Jimmy Choo purse and California necklace!

Happy Birthday July Babies!