You are a Gemini with dominant characteristics. A true Gemini as described by the astrologers. You are one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac. They tell you "double". Some even say that you have a "split personality". It would be more accurate to say that you have many facets, as you adapt easily to all situations, and like a chameleon, you know you blend into any environment. Your inquiring mind drives you interested in a variety of topics. Your mind is constantly boiling. Want to learn everything, know everything at once. But you get bored quickly! You have passions, heart strokes, but sometimes have a tendency to flutter. We do not want it as long as you have a charm! With you, you must live in the moment, thoroughly! You do not look back on your past ... You need to move forward, cheerfully. And even in a crisis, you find the emergency exits and you use in all situations, your best weapon: humor!

that's totally me lollll astrology can tell u so much sometime! but they arent true all the time!