SS July Birthday Party: Free To Be You and Me & The Historians #20: Japanese Street Fashion

Thanks for the invite Binky!!! Happy Birthday my July siblings!! Hope everyone has a wonderful birthday! I did this as a combo because its sort of ties in ;)

For my history friends I chose Lolita as my 'street fashion' there are a growing number of lolita sub-styles. The one I chose is Sweet Lolita. Sweet Lolita style adopts the basic Lolita format and uses lighter colors and childlike motifs in its design.

The Lolita look began primarily as one of modesty with a focus on quality in both material and manufacture of garments.

**Things you don't know about me....hmmm I love reading out loud in different accents and voices. I'm a kid at heart. I love anything asian lol probably cause I grew up in Hawaii. I am obsessed with Korean Horror movies. I LOVE TO DRESS UP!!! I make the most of it on shopstyle but if I can dress up in real life I jump at that chance :) Lastly I love anything cute so I can say AWWWW!!!***