4 U Shia

ok. i'm making over shia labeouf. i realize he probably can't squeeze his arm into the long sleeves but when that cast comes off. i like the military shirts over a grey/black/white tee. think some skinny legged cargos would be cool(i can't find any) and skinny dickies style pants. grey tees thrown in too. just think these colors look rank on him. i loved when he wore that cardigan in some interview. you should dress more like that mister! and i think you should grow the top part of your hair out longish and cut it close/or shaved on the sides and back and make the top super curly(think the romantics). and wear round john lennon glasses. too hOt. trust me on these smells. belt=black. edit:ok so i went and looked @the romantics videos and i guess i mean more like prince where his hair is super curly in front and dangling in his eyes, maybe asymetrical in front with curls dangling over one eye(still short on the sides and back just LONG in front! and curly) and like steampunk, science fiction like round thomas dolbish eyeglasses. i'm weird, sorry. just an idea. maybe like a mustache only.