Hi girlies!
How are you all doing?

So this is the news about me:
My blog came no. 3 in the fashionblog cmpetetion. I didn't win, but I'm very happy about it, first ajury picked ten finalists and then the people voted, and my blog is no 3 in Norway! ha ha, I would never think that would happen!:) So thank you very much girls, I know you helped me:)

Second, my blog are making some people notice me, actually a site called Norwegian Fashion asked if I wanted to write for them, so now I do:) This weekend I have interviewed a jewlerydesigner and written an article about it. Fun. It doesn't pay though, everyone works there for free, but I do it for the experience, and as it turns out I can kinda write;) It is Oslo Fashion Week in Feb so there's a lot to do until then, we are making a magazine too.

So as you see I'm quite busy nowadays, trying to take babysteps towards a future.
But I'm hanging around here when I have time and energy, so see you:)