First and Last #85: First Formal Dress/Last Earrings & Sunglasses #41: Gucci Oversized Rounded Sunglasses

Congratulations Adoreo on winning the Alexander Wang challenge! I think this is your first win in this group, that's just awesome, I hope you'll win many more in the near future. Apologies for combining this week's challenge with First and Last, but I am still behind and I still need to do this. :)

I decided to combine because well, okay, first I wasn't that sure what defines "formal dress" in this situation, but my first dress looks pretty formal so I hope I wasn't wrong... and anyway, the dress matches the sunglasses perfectly, and the earrings work well here too so I figured why not combine again? It's not like I can stop doing combos these days. I'm positively addicted. Send help. Haha.

Anyway, hope you like what I've come up with and thanks Thissideofgaudy and Adoreo for another great challenges!